Country Fried Clam Strips

In a small sauté pan, heat up the butter on medium heat. Add in the green beans, garlic, salt and black pepper, then cook for 2-3 minutes, or until the green beans are tender. Serve the Sea Watch Super Clam Strips with the green beans. Ladle the country gravy over the Sea Watch Super Clam Strips and serve with a biscuit.

Po’Boy Sliders

Crispy Super Surfer Clam Strips with butter lettuce leaves, sliced tomato and onion, dill pickles, and tangy remoulade, served on toasted slider buns.

Clam Fritters

Fluffy fritters made with Chopped Sea Clams, buttermilk, cornmeal, chopped bacon, onion and chives, fried until golden.

Sea Clam Roll

Chopped Sea Clams folded with diced celery, lemon juice, mayonnaise and parsley, served on a hoagie roll with leaf lettuce, red onion and sliced tomato.

Portuguese Clam Stew

Chopped Sea Clams stewed with Spanish chorizo, flaked whitefish, shrimp, diced onion, roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic, bay leaf, garnished with fresh cilantro and served with a piece of grilled baguette.

New England Loaded Fries

Crispy French fries topped with Ready-to-Serve New England Clam Chowder, chopped bacon, shredded cheddar cheese, Sea Watch Breaded Clam Strips and sliced scallions.

Kansas City BBQ Clam Strips

Sea Watch Breaded Clam Strips tossed in tangy Kansas City BBQ sauce, served with creamy coleslaw and French fries.

Clam Strip Gyro

Warm pita bread filled with crispy Sea Watch Breaded Clam Strips, sliced red onion, tomato and cucumber, served with lemon tzatziki sauce and French fries.

Clam Fried Rice

A twist on fried rice made with Clam Juice Concentrate, stir fried IQF Chopped Sea Clams, shredded carrots, sliced bell peppers, white onion, sweet corn kernels, green peas, scallions and white rice.

Mediterranean Clam Salad

Fresh spinach mixed with sautéed IQF Chopped Sea Clams, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, sliced red onion, cucumbers and Kalamata olives, all tossed with a lemon-oregano vinaigrette.