Wisconsin Clam Stack

Crispy Beer Battered Oven Ready Clam Strips and French fries topped with cheese sauce, chopped bacon and sliced chives.

New England Loaded Fries

Crispy French fries topped with Ready-to-Serve New England Clam Chowder, chopped bacon, shredded cheddar cheese, Sea Watch Breaded Clam Strips and sliced scallions.

Kansas City BBQ Clam Strips

Sea Watch Breaded Clam Strips tossed in tangy Kansas City BBQ sauce, served with creamy coleslaw and French fries.

Clam Strip Gyro

Warm pita bread filled with crispy Sea Watch Breaded Clam Strips, sliced red onion, tomato and cucumber, served with lemon tzatziki sauce and French fries.