Seafood Stuffing Empanada

Sea Watch Seafood Stuffing empanadas are a perfect sharable for parties or a great snack.

Seafood Taquito

This Asian inspired entree is full of flavor, just saute clams and vegetables and then serve them on top of rice in a radicchio cup. Can you say flavor, protein, and healthy too?

Stuffed Fish & Shrimp

Seafood Stuffing Calamari

Calamari tubes are stuffed with Sea Watch Seafood Stuffing Bites and cooked until fork tender. Great served by itself or over rice or pasta.

Clam Chowder Casserole

New England Clam Chowder mixed with egg noodles, green peas, bacon, and hot sauce, topped with crumbled crackers and baked, garnished with fresh parsley.