Clams and Grits

William’s Clam and Grits where a showstopper at the 2008 International Boston Seafood Show. The southern tradition of shrimp and grits no doubt inspired this culinary creation. Clam, grits and bacon make for a winning combination.

Clams Fra Diablo

Here is a spicy red clam sauce.

Clam Tacos

Tacos are the latest rage, add a twist to yours by making them clam tacos. Fill them with our tender hand shucked breaded super strips, top off with your signature ingredients and sauce. Best of all they can be ready in under two minutes!

Clam Stuffed Italian Shells with Cream of Clam Sauce

Stuffed shells are a hearty and satisfying meal; this version has a rich delicious cream of clam sauce to top off the classically stuffed shells.

Clam Pizza

If you like clams and you like pizza you will want to try this combination. This pizza was first made famous by Frank Pepe of Pepe’s Pizzeria in New Haven, CT.

Clam Fajitas

Everybody loves fajitas, but have they ever tried clam fajitas? Tender sweet hand shucked clam strips pack a flavorful punch in these fajitas!