Clam Rice Balls

Arancini’s originated in Sicily in the 10th century. For this recipe, we combined clams, rice and Parmesan Cheese, then roll them in seasoned panko breadcrumbs. They can be fried or baked for a healthier version.

Naked Steamers

Naked Steamers are as fun to eat as it is to say. Sea Watch Whole Ocean Clams are carefully cooked with the belly removed. Just add some butter and spices and you will feel your feet in the sand.

Marinated Clams and Pork Wonton Tacos

Marinade Clam and Pork Wonton Tacos is an example of the new culinary rage of pairing contrasting proteins with each other. This recipe is loaded with tons of spices, flavors and textures to compliment both bold proteins.

Fried Clam Fritter Sticks

For this recipe, we put a twist on our traditional clam fritter recipe by using our whole ocean clams instead of chopped clams. For this recipe, we serve them with a wasabi ginger mayo dipping sauce, but you can always serve them with your signature sauce.

Clams on Cuban Toast Points

Clams and Cuban toast points, what a combination. Cuban bread has its own unique qualities, as does the Whole Ocean Clams used to create this great dish. This recipe is great example of the multi-cultural appeal of clams.

Clam Stuffing

This clam stuffing is versatile enough to use to stuff fish, shrimp, chicken or your favorite vegetable. Packed with flavor: clams, mozzarella, garlic, onion, sundried tomatoes and Italian seasoning it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Clam Spring Rolls

These spring rolls are a refreshing change from the usual fried variety. Combine clams, rice noodles, vegetables, herbs and roll tight. Serve with peanut sauce and sriracha; they are a great summer time appetizer.