Premium Stuffed Clams Ideations

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There are stuffed clams and then there are Sea Watch Premium Stuffed Clams. We have taken this traditional New England favorite to the next level. These shells are loaded with clams, cheese, onion, peppers, and savory spices. This product can go to the table in many spots, appetizers, combo platters, bar snacks and more. All the work has been done, just bake them off and watch your patrons order more. Ocean Clams have been under federal management since 1977 and are considered by many to be one of the best-managed fisheries in the world.

  • Premium Stuffed Clams adds a special gourmet touch to any occasion
  • Consistent sizing, which gives a more uniform appearance and excellent plate coverage
  • Come in tray packaging, which meets operators’ needs and produces less waste.
  • Available year round to provide a continuity of supply

Product Codes

Sea Watch N631: 12/6/2 oz., N531: 3/12/2 oz