Clam Juice Concentrate

Our Clam Juice Concentrate is made from fresh clam juice with no artificial additives. The fresh raw juice is collected daily and is standardized to 40 brix (40% total soluble solids) to ensure consistent flavor from batch to batch. Utilizing a concentrate allows formulators to vary the strength of clam flavor from recipe to recipe. 45 pounds of clam juice concentrate has the equivalent flavor of 600 pounds of single strength clam juice. Sea Watch has developed a new process generating a more consistent brix and sodium, lighter in color, and better pourability. Clams have been under federal management since 1977 and are considered by many to be one of the best-managed fisheries in the world.

  • Clam Juice Concentrate comes in both the Sea Clam and Ocean Clam variety.
  • Advantages of: less freight, less waste (packaging), less storage and a smaller carbon footprint
  • Clam Juice Concentrate has more versatility
  • All natural
  • Perfect for chowders and sauces

Cooking Instructions

Single Strength Clam Juice = 15 parts water and 1 part Clam Juice Concentrate
Double Strength Clam Juice = 7.5 parts water and 1 part Clam Juice Concentrate

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Nutritional Facts


Concentrated Sea Clam Broth

Product Codes

Sea Watch Sea Clam Concentrate 030889 – 8/16 oz.
Sea Watch Sea Clam Concentrate 030908 – 5 gallon pail
Sea Watch Clam Concentrate Blend 030910 – 5 gallon pail