Clam Strip Profit Power Ideations

Click on the link to the right for the recipe ideations for Profit Power with Clam Strips.

These recipe ideations where inspired by the profitability of clam strips. These ideations can use any one of our clam strips.

The options with clams can leave your menu versatile, and profitable.

Don’t forget our clams are also certified sustainable by MSC (the Marine Stewardship Council).


Product Codes

Thick-n-Tasty Bread Clam Strips: ATT31 (24/4 oz.), ATS31 (6 lb.)

Sea Watch Breaded Clam Strips: A131 (24/4 oz.), A331 (24/5 oz.), AO31 (24/6 oz.), A631 (6 lb.)

Capt Fred Breaded Clam Strips: A147 (24/4 oz.), A047 (24/6 oz.), A647 (6 lb.), AY47 (9/3 lb.)

Beer Battered Clam Strips: AUK31 (2/3 lb.), AU231 (24/4 oz.)

Country Crispy Super Surfers: B431 (6 lb.), B331 (24/4 oz.)

Super Clam Strips: BO131 (2/5 lb.)

Jersey Shore Clam Strips: BO331 (24/4 oz.)